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Saturday, March 23, 2019


Welcome to the 12PackJack WebSite!!  

Check out the Bios page and the Photos page. If you have any not too incriminating photos of the band, feel free to send them to!
By all means, git off yer buts and get out and check out the area's excellent blues bands!
Upcoming Gigs:
Raintree Bar and Grill 2pm 04/21/2018
Raintree Blues Festival 2pm 04/28/2018
 Lockhouse Distillery 7pm 05/02/2018 
 MS Benefit 05/05/2018 
Marvins 8pm 05/12/2018
Jacks Grill and Banquets 05/20/2018 
Smoke on the Water Benefit for Tonawanda Police   4pm   05/21/2018 
Raintree Bar and Grill 2pm 6/2/2018
Santoras 6pm 06/07/2018
Polish Falcons Car Show 06/16/2018
Buffalo Pizza and Ale House  6/20/2018 
 Anchor Bar 6pm 06/21/2018
Crazy Jakes 5 pm  06/24/2018
 Broadway Hotel 4pm 07/07/2018
Sunset in Wilson 7pm  07/18/2018
Will Bill's BBQ 2pm 07/28/2018
Ol Man River 6pm 08/08/2018
Raintree Bar and Grill 2pm  08/25/2018
Darien Lakes 11am  9/8/2018
Darien Lakes - Noon 09/23/2018
 Raintree bar and Grill 10/06/2018 
Raintree Bar and Grill  12/01/2018



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